Everything to fulfill your needs

Vegan/Vegetarian cook

We can arrange a vegetarian/vegan cook onsite. Typically breakfast, lunch and dinner (or brunch and dinner) on buffet style with options to cater for all tastes.


If your retreat guests require daily refreshment of the rooms we can arrange that for you.

Pick up and transfers

Parking is limited therefore you should group your students to minimize the amount of cars coming to the property. Alternatively we can arrange pick up and transfer services.

Host Onsite

A host or responsible person will be onsite or in the neighboring houses to take care of all the facilities needs (swimming pool, energy, water) and any eventual help you may need.

Find Out More About Us

If you want we can organize a call to discuss your needs and how to meet them.

Share a Little Love

Come For a Visit

If its an option for you we can arrange that you visit the property before organizing your retreat with us.